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Aura Healing

Cleanse and heal your aura to strenghten your immune system and heighten your energy.

The aura is the protective energetic shell that cushions and nourishes us in the world. This energetic filter therefore needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis so we remain in peak physical and mental health. Sometimes we may feel emotionally unbalanced or anxious, which can be caused by tears in the aura. Such tears can be caused by substance abuse, lots of stress, even food that is too spicy! This gentle healing modality only takes 30 minutes, but the results are long-lasting.

In this healing, we begin to fill the aura with light. Clients will experience more clarity, more energy, and more positivity. This is a great healing for people who work with a lot of people, who have been experiencing a lot of negative thoughts, or who have just been feeling “off”. This session helps you to get back to who you are.

Please contact Liesl for more information and costs.

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