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After 13 years in the corporate world, specialising in corporate tax, Liesl increasingly felt that there must be more to life. She therefore started delving deeper into her other passions and gifts, establishing herself firmly as a healer and animal communicator.

Liesl believes that we all have an increasing need for guidance and healing in our journeys through life, as well as the need to re-establish our connection with nature. We have to be reminded that if we follow the light and focus on the good, the spirit will always be victorious. This victory is manifested in the ability to see through the eyes of compassion, to listen with the ears of tolerance and to speak with the language of love. To never lose sight of the power of being kind and respectful to all that lives.

Liesl has studied the teachings of native American and South American shamanism and that of the Red Path, and has participated in local and international Vision Quests and Sun Dances. She also facilitates sweat lodges and other medicine ceremonies in the tradition of these teachings. Liesl’s medicine work is mostly conducted at the medicine centre on her farm near Cape Town.

Liesl is an animal communicator and as part of her animal communication work, offers animal communication workshops and retreats.

She is also a qualified practitioner in the Natural Healing Touch Method for small animals and equines, as well as a qualified Reiki Master. Liesl is an initiate of the Modern Mystery School and a qualified Life Activation Practitioner.

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