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Natural Healing Touch

Equine and Small Animal Healing Touch is a holistic approach of healing and supporting the well-being of animals in a non-invasive manner by releasing mental, emotional and physical blocks, thereby restoring harmony and balance to the animal’s energy system. Stabilising the energy system in this manner allows the body’s natural physiological response to encourage the healing process and to promote general well-being.

Natural Healing Touch benefits animals in many ways -

  • providing a better understanding of the animal;
  • reduces stress and anxiety in the animal;
  • supports animals through injuries, illnesses, physical and/ or emotional trauma or abuse;
  • physical issues such as not eating properly, pain, lymphatics, lameness, etc;
  • emotional issues such as trust, fear, anxiety. etc;
  • support during end of life transition

Natural Healing Touch can be used on horses, dogs, cats and all other animals.

Please contact Liesl for more information and costs.

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