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A vision quest is a rite of passage, which has been used for centuries by native American Indians and other First People nations. After a preparation period, it involves a period of being alone in nature (usually 4 days and 4 nights) whilst fasting.

Those days are spent in prayer and meditation, reflecting on life and on the challenges the quester is faced with. Alone in nature, without food or familiar distractions of modern life, the quester is faced with Self and Spirit on as deep a level as he or she is ready and willing to open up to, and in this way knowledge, truths and insights are found.

In its own way, the vision quest is an initiation not unlike the days of ancient mystery school teachings where one learns about the Self and the mysteries of the universe are often revealed. It is a time of internal transformation and renewal.

Although the vision quest is associated with native American traditions, it is practiced all over the world today. The modern vision quest focuses on finding insights into one’s place in the world and direction and purpose for one’s life, and people in any stage of life or transition will find deep meaning in this powerful process. Modern vision quests have also been adapted by varying the time spent on the vision quest and today it ranges from a number of solo hours to 4 days.

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