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Hi Liesl

On Sunday I noticed a change in Karlie. I was so surprised. Dessie and her stood next to each other, each facing the opposite way. They sniffed each other from head to feet and stroke their head on the other horse lightly. From time to time either one would squeal and jump a little, may be if the other horse touched a tickly or sensitive spot. I watched them for quite a while and couldn’t stop my tears. I experienced this overwhelming feeling of warmth and happiness.

Dessie and Hombre have done this a few days ago too, but I never expected Karlie to get so close to Dessie in a peaceful manner, not after her mentioning that she is not willing to change.

It seems that your communication with Karlie and Hombre has achieved a more accepting attitude towards Dessie. I feel humbled and very grateful that they are including her more.

Thank you again!
Sigrid, Darwin – Australia

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