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Aha Great Spirit, Sacred Fire, Great Mystery

Gratitude for these times, for the opportunities for growth, to somehow take better steps tomorrow than we did yesterday.

To truly walk the path of the inner self, to assure us the best in life, to achieve victory, we must understand that we are the creators of our experiences. To walk this way is to know service and to understand humility.

To walk this path towards victory, is to walk what you pray for, to give your best steps towards integrity and living a life that is in balance with creation every day. It is to be grateful for life.

Asking for much understanding, patience, acceptance and compassion – from my heart to your heart and to all hearts.

With this prayer calling on the seven directions, to the heart of the Father Sky, the womb of Mother Earth, the heart of the Fire.

May we honour our true nature in the knowledge that we are all one.

May our spirits be victorious in the acknowledgement of peace, respect and dignity for all.

Aha Metakuye Oyasin


For all my relations

Liesl Kruger

Liesl has studied the teachings of North, Central and South American shamanism, and that of the Red Path and Sacred Fire. She is a leader of shamanic journeys and sweat lodges, Pipe Carrier, Vision Quester, Sacred Dancer and a Counsellor and Medicine Woman of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.