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One can either constellate an issue in a group or in individual sessions. Both can be equally effective.

During a constellation session, the constellator performs energy work to create an open and connected environment. Under her guidance, a person may be called on to fill in as a representative of past and/ or present family members, colleagues or constructs when the constellating individual explores the origins of his or her challenges until reconciliation and emotional shifts occur. Eventually, the trauma disappears or transforms into something that is not a burden, but an understanding.

Liesl also offers constellation sessions with her horses. Horses have an intelligent ability to reveal non-verbal communication and unconscious processes. This enables horses to be representatives in the system and by being tuned into the field and aware of the shifting energies during the constellation, they show us what action is needed. Constellations with horses leads to effective and profound results.

Liesl is a qualified Shamanic Family Constellation Facilitator and completed her studies under the guidance of Guilherme Barcellos C. Souza –