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Liesl received the blessing to perform the ceremony of medicine sweat lodge from Aurelio Diaz Tekpankali, Guardian and Chief of the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan in Mexico in 2018.

The basic structure of the medicine sweat lodge is the same as the sweat lodge, but in the medicine sweat lodge we share the medicines of the sacred plant teachers, while focussing our intentions and prayers on honouring the tobacco as the First Medicine, the purpose, the water, the fire and Mother Earth.

There is something deeply universal about the structure of this ceremony and its allegiance to the creative matrix through the archetypes of Father Sky, Earthly Mother, sacred sisters and brothers, the sacred fire, the altar, water, songs, food and medicines. It teaches us more about living as open-hearted beings – not only with each other but among all sentient life on earth.

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