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A shamanic journey is a ceremony during which teacher plants/power plants are taken by the participants with a prayer for healing, direction and spiritual growth.

A shamanic journey is to invoke the four directions, the heart of the sky, the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the heart of Mother Earth and the Sacred Fire. The teachings and knowledge of the medicines open our hearts and our minds – not only to really know, accept and love ourselves, but also to accept and include others in our circle, without any judgements.

By doing the work with clarity, integrity, respect and consistency, always remembering to be humble and sincere, we honour those that came before us – their knowledge, wisdom and instructions.

Much healing is possible during a shamanic journey – with the guidance of sacred songs, we are able to restore our connection to the Great Spirit and All That Is. In this way, physical and emotional obstacles are shifted, and limiting beliefs are removed. By healing this separation in each of us, everything can be healed.

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