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Making the call, the invocation to the 4 directions, to
the heart of sky, to the Great Spirit, to the great
mystery, to the heart of the mother Earth, to the
giver of life, to the great mother of the universe
Koatlikue and to all the gods.

The purpose; our true nature, to be the sum
Of multiple tribes, nations, peoples who speak
different languages. That are the 4 colours of the four races.

Raising the prayer to our true nature in the
universal, cosmic understanding.

Honouring the ancestral legacy, memory
And recognising our sacred lineage.

Obeying the ancestral mandate of the Confederation
of the Condor and the Eagle. Recapturing, to
reactivate the original memory.

Celebrating the moment in which we
recognise ourselves within the legitimate and natural
right of the relationship, we are all interconnected,
we all have the same origin and the same present
and also the same future.

For the love and respect of those who came before
us, that resolved to bequeath their knowledge, their
wisdom, the instructions.

How do we want it? How is it that we want our
children and 7 future generations also to receive,
inherit it, free of all types of impurities? We ask for
the best; health, happiness, that they live well.

That we can return to the truth, to the center, to the
point of creation, concur and agree to somehow stop
the disease, the imbalance.

Doing the work in clarity, transparency, cleanliness
and consistency.

With humility, sincerity, will and integrity to be useful,
to be of benefit.

To strengthen and nourish ourselves in
The opportunity to once again place our own truth,
here, in the center, and together in our time return to
the direction of all directions.

To ensure the instruction, education for our children
and the children
of our children. How is it that our people will once
again take back, retake the greatness of the spirit of
our ancestors.

We recognise and thank all those who preceded us,
honouring the ancestral mandate that it all be in
better condition for future generations.

Thanking you, in advance, for taking the decision
and celebrating together, the blessings of the magic
of the sacraments, which are the perfection of the
spirit, the power of mystery.

Aurelio Diaz Tekpankalli
Principal Authority Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan