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We subconsciously follow the “rules” of our environment and the beliefs, fears and limitations instilled in our psyche by our family and other groups, as well as our continuous exposure to the media.

In the Western world we are somehow convinced to be isolated individuals, to speak alone in our world. We command advanced technologies, and most of us live in material comfort, yet many people are lonely, and their hearts are empty.

We need to remember that everything is part of a whole, that everything is connected. From a shamanic point of view, this connectedness comprises not only all people, but also all animals, plants, matter, the whole cosmos, everything that has existed and will exist, from the beginning to the end of time.

What to natural science appears as an unsolved mystery, is natural and easy to explain in the shamanic context.

“There is a dream that is dreaming us”, the San, the bush people of the Kalahari say. In the tradition of the Native American Medicine Wheel, the Eastern centre contains the “soul of all people” where everything is recorded that has ever been thought and done in the world.

Bert Hellinger, founder of Systemic Family Constellations also speaks of the “great soul”, namely the interconnectedness of all.  What we do in this work is to harmonise people with this great force.

It is up to each of us to transmute and transcend the unprocessed events of the past and those who came before. Shamanic Family Constellations uses elements of psychotherapy, regression and ancestral history, combined with music, song, drumming and shamanic rituals to help individuals access their subconscious minds and heal traumatic imprints that have been passed down from their ancestors.

Shamanic Family Constellations allow representatives to connect with a part of the consciousness energy, the spirit and intelligence of a system. The system strengthens, and the flows of love in it increases, when each element finds its proper place.

These shifts and healings protect and strengthen everyone who are part of the system. The quantum vibrations resulting from systemic movements affect everyone, including those that have passed on and those not yet born. This is because the field of action, called the morphic field, of these shifts and movements is not bound to time and space.

In this way, this work is deeper than just a therapy tool, it moves into the quantum realm of the individual soul, the family soul, as well as the soul of humanity and all that exists.

While other forms of therapy may require years of intense emotional work, a single family constellation session can bring about a profound change in those who participate.